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    ESL Program Admission Requirements

    The following information will be required of all foreign students who are applying for admission to Southern Utah University:
    1. Application for admission Include a $60 application fee, $35 for returning students. Admission is ongoing.  See ESL Program dates here (                                               
    2. Transcripts High school transcripts must be submitted on an official school document which lists the name and address of the school, the dates enrolled, grading systems, description of each subject or examination, and mark or grade earned in each subject or examination. Unless the school attended routinely issues transcripts in English, official records must be submitted in the original language with official English translations.  Translations must be literal and complete and must be translated by an official translation service.  Student's secondary school grades must convert to a minimum U.S. GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. 
    Transcripts submitted become the property of Southern Utah University and cannot be returned to the applicant. Official transcripts must be sent to:
    • SUU International Admissions Office, 351 W. University Blvd., Cedar City, UT 84720
    1. Passport Please provide a copy of the photo page of your passport.
    2. Insurance All foreign students must provide verification of adequate health and medical insurance upon arrival.
    3. Medical Upon arrival at SUU each student MUST submit immunization records. They must also have a TB test within (5) days of arrival. Transportation to the hospital for this test will be provided by the university. TB tests taken outside of the US can not be accepted.
    4. Finances Funds available at SUU for two academic semesters, calculated annually verified by a bank statement or other official documentation. For current tuition and fees visit
    For more information about the application requirements, please contact

    Review your application status through your SUU Portal at
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  • If you have been convicted of any crime (other than a minor traffic offense) since you turned 18, you may be INELIGIBLE to practice accounting or certify as an Elementary or Secondary Teacher in Utah (and in most other states) where such a criminal record makes you ineligible to be bonded or obtain a teaching certificate. Before submitting this application, you should consult applicable regulations. If you have other concerns or questions, contact your academic advisor.

    Admission may be rescinded at any time prior to the start of the first semester without due process if proof of high school graduation or passing scores on the GED is not received. Misbehavior in the SUU community may also be grounds for cancellation of admission.

    By submitting this application you certify that, to the best of your knowledge, the information on this application is true and complete; and that you understand that submitting false information may result in the loss of credit, dismissal and/or prosecution pursuant to Utah code annotated section 76–8–504.