Transfer Student Application for Admission

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  • Application Instructions

    If you are interested in the Aviation Professional Pilot Program, close this application and use the Aviation Program application.

    Please complete the entire application and submit before the start of the semester for which you wish to be considered for admission. 

    The following items are required to complete your application:
    • $50 non-refundable application fee. Pay at the end of the application or online at suu.edu/apply - select the red 'Pay Application Fee' link
    • Official transcripts from each college and/or university attended
    • High school transcript (applicants who have less than 24 credit hours after high school)
    • ACT/SAT** scores (applicants who have less than 24 credit hours after high school and are under 24 years of age)

    Undergraduate admissions applicants are automatically considered for academic scholarships: www.suu.edu/ss/financial/schol-types.html if completed before the scholarship deadline. If you are interested in a talent or athletic scholarship, please contact the specific department for requirements.

    Application deadlines are the first day of class for each semester; however, you are encouraged to apply early.

    Transfer students with 24+ credits earned from a post-secondary institution (not including concurrent enrollment) will be admitted to SUU based on their college cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. Transfer students with less than 24 credits earned from a post-secondary institution will be admitted to SUU based on their college cumulative GPA and their high school GPA and ACT/SAT scores (if less than 24 years of age).

    Official college/university transcripts may be submitted electronically by the institution or by mail from the institution. All other documents may be submited by mail, email, or fax.

    Southern Utah University
    Admissions Office
    351 W University Blvd.
    Cedar City, UT 84720
    435.865.8223 (fax)

    Review your application status through your SUU Portal at my.suu.edu
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  • Personal Information
    • Please use proper case when typing your name and address.

      • List all last names under which you have attended other schools, colleges, and/or universities. Such as maiden names, adoptive names, prior married names, etc. Example: Smith, Jones, Jensen.
      • Also, include names other than the legal first names that transcripts, test scores, or other documents. For instance, if you go by your middle name instead of your first name.
    • Enter the student's email address only. Parents or spouses, do NOT enter your email address as this will cause problems in our system and for your student's records.

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    • Next of Kin Information

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  • College Education History Remove Entry
    • Begin typing and a list of schools will appear. If school name does not appear, type Unknown University

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    • The following information is from your official transcripts and may not be changed.

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  • High School Education History Remove Entry
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    • The following information is from the official transcript and may not be changed.

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  • Application Information

    • Students interested in medical fields or law must select an undergraduate major that prepares for the advanced degree, such as Biology or Chemistry for medical fields. Please select a major from the list below  now and indicate which professional degree you plan to pursue,   then work with an advisor regarding specific courses of study for medical fields or a law degree.

    • If undecided, select General Studies

    • Law, Medical, Dental, Forestry

    • Some of the choices above are minors or concentrations and will be reflected that way on your school records. The major course of study associated with the minor or concentration will be listed first.

    • The following information is used to establish residency for tuition purposes. Failure to complete this section could result in classification as a non-resident for tuition purposes.

    • Enter correctly as it affects scholarship eligibility

    • Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor other than a minor traffic violation, or is any such charge now pending against you? If your answer changes prior to enrollment, you must promptly contact the Office of Admissions to provide an explanation.
    • Please include any additional information you would like to be considered with your admissions application.

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  • You may check the status of your application at your convenience by activating your SUU Portal at www.suu.edu. Select the mySUU Portal link on the top left side of the page and then click on the green 'Activate Your Account' button. Select the Admissions Checklist under the Student tab at the top of the page. Completed items are in green and items that need to be submitted are in red. You may click on the red item for further information.

    If you are a non-resident student and your mother and/or father received an associates, bachelors, or masters degree from SUU, you may qualify for in-state tuition rates. Please review the information at www.suu/edu/ss/financial/legacy.html.

    If you are applying for financial aid, please visit www.suu.edu/ss/financial.

    For information regarding services for students with disabilities visit www.suu.edu/ss/support/disability or contact Disability Support Services at 435.865.8022, alldredge@suu.edu.
    For information about the SUU Honors Program visit www.suu.edu/honors or contact the Honors Program at 435.865-8451, honors@suu.edu.

    If you have been convicted of any crime (other than a minor traffic offense) since you turned 18, you may be INELIGIBLE to practice accounting or certify as an Elementary or Secondary Teacher in Utah (and in most other states) where such a criminal record makes you ineligible to be bonded or obtain a teaching certificate. Before submitting this application, you should consult applicable regulations. If you have other concerns or questions, contact your academic advisor.

    Admission may be rescinded at any time prior to the start of the first semester without due process if proof of high school graduation or passing scores on the GED is not received. Misbehavior in the SUU community may also be grounds for cancellation of admission.

    By submitting this application you certify that, to the best of your knowledge, the information on this application is true and complete; and that you understand that submitting false information may result in the loss of credit, dismissal and/or prosecution pursuant to Utah code annotated section 76–8–504.

    Review your application status through your SUU Portal at my.suu.edu
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